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Our Coin Spot reviews aim to educate readers in order to make profitable investments in Cryptocurrency with low fees.  bitcoin investment Who are we? Hi, my name is Taryn. I specialise in personalised gift ideas and custom machine embroidery. I am a mum of 2 and Primary School teacher, who lives on the beautiful NSW coast in Shellharbour. I bought the business off friends in September, 2018. Prior to this I stitched all the animals for my friends who owned the business and have created hundreds of beautiful keepsakes for customers. The business is set up in my house, and most of the time it looks like a plush animal zoo, with over 200 animals in stock – about 35 different types to choose from. I try to keep all the animals in stock to ensure your animal selection is always available. If you require a custom message, please email me or message me on Facebook, so I can design a template to meet your needs.  baby gifts